Hello. I’m Alan. A 40-something year old first time stay at home Dad. Born and raised in London but now living in the relative tranquility of the semi-rural countryside in Berkshire.

Husband to an amazing wife.

Father to a gorgeous daughter.

Master to the most disobedient dog in Christendom.

Oh. And there are two cats as well.

And they both hate me.

The reason for starting this blog is, well, there seems to be a lack of blogs written BY Dads primarily FOR Dads. When I was given the opportunity to take a career break in order to the stay at home parent, I quickly found out that being a man, I was very much in the minority. Particularly living in a small village in the countryside. When I looked online for baby/toddler groups, the majority were biased towards Mums, although not necessarily exclusive for them. Mums were quite happy to invite other Mums for coffee or play dayes with their children, but inviting a Dad? And a married one at that? That seems to be some kind of taboo. Luckily, a few of my wife’s friends who had children of a similar age, could see past the fact that I was a man and were (and still are) happy to share a cuppa and biccies whilst the rugrats get on with smashing things up.

So, if you’re reading this and thinking, “Hey, that’s the same situation I’m in!” and want to share your experiences with myself and readers of this blog, then please be my guest, I’d love to swap notes.

Anyhoo…I do hope you enjoy reading my blog. Please feel free to send me any suggestions or recommendations for improving its content via the Contact Me section of the site. You can also follow me on Twitter @TheDADiator and shortly on Facebook and Instagram too.

Views contained within these pages are my own and reflect things I’ve experienced first hand. Any references made to people living or dead are purely coincidental.

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