Useful Links

Here you’ll find a list of links Mrs DADiator and I have found useful. We hope you find them useful too!


Blissful Birthing – For those of you that want to have as near to a pain-free labour as possible, Clare’s sessions provide the tools to approach birth in the best possible way and putting YOU in control during labour. She’s also offering a free consultation if you click here

Child Behaviour

Purple Crying – As mentioned in my post about Sleep, this website was really useful in understanding why some babies (in this case, our baby), cry so much and what you can do to soothe them.

Sleep Fairy Parent Rescue – Dee’s help to get our daughter off the boob and on the bottle as well as sleeping through the night, was a game changer. We now have a daughter sleeping through the night and down to taking just two bottles a day. As well as face to face consultations (within an 80-mile radius of Henley-On-Thames), Dee also provides them via Skype and phone. She can help with all manner of sleep, eating and behaviour issues in babies and toddlers

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